Youth Education in Music, Dance and Drama

The performing arts provides an excellent venue for young people to develop an interest in the theater arts and an opportunity to perform what they have achieved. The music program offers instruction in wind and string instruments. Children will learn how to play a musical instrument, read music and develop a passion for music as they are introduced to classical, jazz and pop music. Participation in the dance program inspires and motivates children as they develop self-awareness and a passion for dance  The dance program offers classical ballet, contemporary, modern dance, tap, and hip-hop lessons. Children develop an interest in drama and the theater arts through a fun filled drama program that develops a child's self-esteem and confidence. Children  will engage in theater arts activities including creative movement, mimes to music, improvisation, dialogue and monologue development, snippets, scene starters, and mini-scripts.  All the programs provide the children an outlet to express themselves by culminating in a production where all the children are invited to combine their skills in an end-of-year production.