Youth Music Studio

The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts in New York will provide a music studio designed with state of the art acoustics for music instruction and recording as well as an instruction area designed with work lights.

Instrumental instruction for children ages 3-17 will be designed to fit each student’s unique musical interests. Basic musicianship, reading sheet music and developing enhanced listening skills will be taught using a variety of method books and educational recordings. As students advance, instruction in classical and jazz repertoire, improvisation, composition and specific pieces/genres requested by students & parents can be studied. For young children, musicianship will be taught through singing songs, music and movement lessons, and rhythm & pitch musical games.They will perform with percussion instruments and have the opportunity to explore and play a variety of Western instruments such as the cello, violin, guitar, piano, and fun world instruments from different cultures. All students are encouraged to participate in the student recitals to share their talents with friends and family.